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  • DJ and Music producer

Delaxx Mixtapes

Matt Delac is a French DJ and music producer who loves to mix urban and exotic sounds to create a unique combination of dance and deep house.

Find Matthieu Delac Instagram or write me an email at [email protected]

My Gear

  • 2 Pioneer CDJ-3000
  • DJM-750 MK2
  • Pioneer XDJ-RX3
    for small sets


Delac plays such happy, fun tunes. You can tell he puts a lot of thought into his set; taking into consideration the audience, the type of event and the vibe we are trying to create here at Second Home.

- Kim Mullan, Bar manager, Second Home Lisbon

Sick sound/vibe for a summer afternoon going into an amazing night in beautiful Lisbon.

- Ricardo Antunes, Manager, Volskwagen